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<div class="meta categories relative"> <!-- <h3> Holiday Orders</h3> <div class="int"> To receive by Dec 24th, Order By: <br> <b>- 12/4 for International</b> <br>(late orders will be processed but may not arrive by the 24th) <br> <b>- 12/13 for Free Shipping</b><br> (use Express shipping after 12/13) <br> <b>- 12/17 for Regular Orders</b><br> (Rush Orders only after 12/17) <br> <b> - 12/20 for Rush Orders</b><br> (All orders received after 12/20 will be processed after the holidays) </p> <div align="center">~*~</div> <p><b><A HREF="http://store.ipadlaserengraving.com/shop/gift_certificates">Gift Certificates</a></b> can be ordered with Free Shipping until 12/20 for mail delivery or 12/25 for email delivery.</p> <div align="center">~*~</div> </div> --> <h3> Information</h3> <div class="int"> <p><b>Free Shipping to you within the US!</b></p> <p>Orders on in-stock items ship in <b>5-7 business days</b>. If you send us an iPad, Laptop or Phone to engrave we will try to ship it back to you the next day! If you need an item sooner, <a href="http://store.ipadlaserengraving.com/page/artwork_services/contact_us">contact us</A> about Rush Service.</p> <!-- jotform repeat order --> <script src="http://cdn.jotfor.ms/static/feedback2.js?3.1.1418" type="text/javascript"> new JotformFeedback({ formId:'22894795520969', base:'http://jotformpro.com/', windowTitle:'Repeat Past Order', background:'#647CC4', fontColor:'#FFFFFF', type:1, height:500, width:700 }); </script> <a class="lightbox-22894795520969" style="cursor:pointer;color:blue;text-decoration:underline;">Repeating A Past Order?<br>Use this link</a> <!-- end jotform repeat order --> </p> </div> </div>